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About Jinnah Institute of Management Sciences

Before the division of sub-continent in 1947, British Government has limited the education system of sub-continent for its special purposes (i.e. for producing clerks). So, till the first decade, since the creation of Pakistan, our education system was also following these lines.

In 1959, National Education Commission has declared education the best investment keeping in view, the necessities of a newly born estate, the acquisition of visionary, scientific, professional, commerce and technical education was declared the goal, So that, we could meet the challenges of the developing world. so, on the basis of the report of that commission, reforms were made in all these fields. Many institutes (i.e. colleges, universities) ere established for the purpose of Medical, Engineering and Agricultural education, although little attention was paid on commerce but overall this field remained ignored.

Before the creation of Pakistan, business was mostly monopolized by the Hindus. And after the freedom, it took time to come in this field for the Muslims, In the beginning, businessmen were not familiarized with technical education. So for the fulfillment of these requirements, commerce institute started to open here and there. Almost, during the last two decades at the international level, changes in the social, economical and political fields have increased the importance of Business. Due to the development in mass media, business has become an industry now. New aspects are revealing in the production, publicity and marketing of goods day by day. T.V and computer has changed the overall scenario. And for the un-familiarized investors, it has become difficult to take a sigh of relief. Keeping in view all aspect, the Govt. of Pakistan invited the public sector to take part in this field. A bunch of private institutes came into existence according to the needs of the time, of which commerce and Information technology institute are noteworthy. I.T has acquired popularization under the guardianship of the present Govt.

Present condition is this, that porbabaly, there would be any town or city where you could not find such an institute (i.e. commerce & I.T). So, establishment of educational institutes has become an industry now. Due to compentitional enveironment, along with the quality institutes, business oriented insititutes has come into existence as well. Therefore, to keep inview the standard looks like quite a difficult task now a day.

Jinnah Institute of Management Sciences was formed in 2006 as a Institute of management sciences and commerce. It is affiliated with Punjab Board of Technical Education Lahore, SDC Lahore, and University of Sargodha. NICE University and Govt. of Pakistan.

We know the importance of extra-curricular activities such as (i.e. Functions on different themes, indoor and out door games, etc). We have arranged a ground facility for sports as well. Students are rewarded according to their positions in education, sports and extra-curricular activities also. Institute has a well-organized computer lab as well. There are tutorial classes for the weak students to overcome their deficiencies.

We Have also arranged a separate campus for the girls according to the desires of the parents. There is a facility of religious lectures for the religious upbringing of the students. The luxury hostel for the students of nearby towns and villages is available also but limited.

Chairperson of the institute is an expert educationalist. On the other hand, quality tutorial staff is also available. College environment is a mirror of the eastern values. Interest for educational, will and the welfare of students is our preliminary Motto. And it is the crown of distinction of our institute.

JIMS Overview

In the face of rapidly changing business environment with ever growing needs, challenges competencies impose by the external and internal environment, JIMS emerged as a platform for imparting quality business education. We prepare student as an educated workforce, able to compete in a dynamic global economy.

As an attempt towards achieving academic and professional excellence, JIMS has builds its foundations on continuous professional growth and intellectual development of its students, gaining a competitive edge over other business schools by offering extensive opportunities for growth and learning in the field of business administration and information technology.

JIMS strongly emphasizes on the need of professionally trained and experienced faculty members so that their valuable knowledge and experience can be shared and transferred to the future business leadership. It is in this context that JIMS maintains a panel of highly qualified faculty members.

Mission Statement

Our mission is to achieve and maintain highest standard of academic excellence by providing up to date quality education and professional training to our students.

To accomplish our mission, we not only employ an academically and professionally sound faculty but also ensure congenial environment at the campus adapting to the needs of higher education.


We believe that teaching / learning interaction is a mutual responsibility of the students and the educators and the responsibility for the learning outcome has to be shared by all the individuals involved in the learning process. The Institute has the responsibility to provide opportunity for and to stimulate enhancement in intellectual and social growth. The Institute fills a need for innovative programs that reduce barriers while maintaining standards of quality. Towards this end we have created programs that meet the needs of dynamic society, without limiting the educational delivery system. Our challenge is to assist the student in developing a program around interests evolving from life's experiences and the synthesis of thinking and learning. Our faculty will provide guided inquiry into areas of knowledge and challenges of the attitudes, beliefs and value systems. With the proper organizational guidelines and administrative support, the student will acquire and demonstrate breadth and depth of knowledge, critical thinking and a clear self-expression. It is our responsibility to help the student build the knowledge and skills required in a society that demands more responsible citizens. That includes the ability to develop concern for moral perception, self-actualization, and grounding in the hypothesis and principles of the academic discipline.